The Indoor Lab Products

Our platform brings online analytics to the physical world

  • Organizer

Event Organizers

Organizers can now understand interest, intent, and engagement across the entire event by segment. This enables organizer to better craft the event of the future.

  • Attendee interest and intent
  • Exhibitor lead generation
  • Real-time session tracking
  • Contextual pathing to and from locations

We provide the most advanced Industry analytics using next generation technologies to improve overall event performance.

  • Exhibitor


Our platform enables a full suite of measurements to optimize staffing, power hours, comparisons, and efficiencies. We enable the Exhibitors to get the most out of their trade show dollars.

  • Lead generation
  • Brokered connections™ (Privacy GDPR Compliant)
  • Performance comparisons
  • Year over year benchmarking

Exhibitor leads are the most important metric at a trade show. Our patent pending brokered connection™ product is the first privacy compliant product across the US and Europe in alignment with GDPR.

  • Attendee


Until now, attendees relied on apps or business cards to recollect who they met and where they went. We provide a contextual summary of all attendee visits and engagements to recount the sessions, exhibits, and time spent at the event.

  • Event summary
  • Personalization
  • Session Links
  • Direct connections

A great resource for event validation and expenditure.

  • Validation

Continued Professional Education

Continuing professional education needs validation for attendance. Our platform provides validation of attendance for event organizers to measure overall time spent in the class. Our summary reports validate the attendance of each student and training verification.

  • Class verification
  • Attendee summary
  • Exception reporting
  • Success summary
  • Tracking

Employee Tracking

Our sensors and badges enable companies to understand real-time asset allocation, tracking, and patterns. Our solution provides summaries for employee locations, hours, and breach notifications to improve training and increase productivity.

  • Real-Time location
  • Employee summary
  • Pathing locations
  • Hours worked
  • Detection

Object Detection

We are among the first to bring 3D LiDAR out of the autonomous driving vehicle and into trade shows, venues, and events.

  • Object & event alerts
  • Pedestrian flow analysis
  • Rate of movement analysis
  • API’s for smart city integration

We monitor real-time flows, movement and behavior. Our 3D LiDAR integrated with standard VMS solutions enable common area object or event detection in real-time.