The Indoor Lab Products

Our platform brings online analytics to the physical world

Foot Traffic

The Indoor Lab has been working with some of the largest US brands providing innovative analytics that visualize foot traffic, engagement, and the first to leverage 3D LiDAR with our proprietary technology to track staff engagement with customers. We have over 20 years experience delivering foot traffic analytics for both indoor and outdoor environments with 3 cm Accuracy.

  • Staff Engagement
  • Traffic Mapping
  • Engagement

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Safe Place™

Ensure public safety with The Indoor Labs patent pending Safe Place™ with Wipe Away™ technology. Support compliance requirements by identifying areas to be cleaned, notifying staff of locations, and confirming the area has been sanitized. Our Safe Place platform goes above and beyond social distancing and occupancy with the first real-time sanitization detection using The Indoor Lab’s proprietary Wipe Away technology with 3D LiDAR accuracy. Safe Place was introduced to the economic revival task force to support plans for reopening America.

  • Detect
  • Clean
  • Confirm

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Social Distancing

Our social distance analytics with 3cm accuracy detects when customers are within 6 feet of others and provides plot maps for identifying and improving breach areas. Our real-time occupancy enables counts with threshold notifications that seamlessly integrate with visual and audio information services.

  • Notifications
  • Counts
  • Thresholds

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Event Analyzer

Organizers can now understand interest, intent, and engagement across the entire event by segment. This enables organizer to better craft the event of the future. Combined with our LiDAR products we offer a safer space to ensure the safety of attendees and event organizers.


When the event business comes back online, our new suite of products will help improve the safety of attendees and event organizers. Click2Connect enables connections from up to 10 feet away complying with social distancing standards. How many times have you been without a business card or misplaced and important card? Each badge has the first of its kind interactive beacon that turns your badge into a virtual business card. Now, attendees and exhibitors can connect no matter where they are during an event including the hotel and at offsite locations.

Benefits & Functionality

  • Enables a "virtual handsnake"
  • Eliminates exchange of business cards
  • Configurable connectivity range
  • Enables more connections
  • SDK for event app plug-in available
  • All connections appear in the app
  • Take notes per connection
  • Refer connection to a friend
  • Send email to connection
  • Download connections to email/Excel
  • Ability to search for a contact
  • FAQ section for first time users