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2019 Preview: 4 Event Tech Trends in the New Year

December 27, 2018,  by Michelle Bruno

Expect existing technology like augmented reality to get smarter and easier to use.

In contrast to previous years, most event technology won’t be that shiny or new in 2019. Instead, explained Marco Giberti, founder and C.E.O. of technology and media investment firm Vesuvio Ventures, “Technologies that emerged during the last couple of years will be generating additional traction. We are getting better use cases and success stories around augmented reality, travel-related technologies, and artificial intelligence for events.”

One reason many tech providers will be stuffing the envelope instead of pushing it in the coming year is that buyers and users can't adopt as fast as developers can develop. “There is often disproportionate excitement around things that are shiny and new, but people don’t know what to do with them yet,” explained James Johnson-Miller, director of event technology for the IMEX Group.

In 2019, his team will implement tools to deliver exhibitor collateral through AR and help attendees listen to presentations through their smartphones and use facial recognition software to check into a social event. It’s a less exciting, but more practical approach, Johnson-Miller acknowledged. Nevertheless, event marketers and planners can still expect some surprises. Here’s what else to look forward to:

AR Dives Deeper

Augmented reality application developers will address the more practical uses for the technology in 2019. Chicago-based BundlAR just launched the first content management system for augmented reality that plugs into event mobile apps through an application programming interface (or API). The company is partnering with event mobile app developers, for example, to enable exhibitors—without the need for Wi-Fi—to easily showcase products virtually instead of purchasing a larger exhibit space.

In addition, Preview Technology from Gainesville, Florida, will continue to roll out its AR-based engagement app as well. Without having to download an app, Preview lets attendees access product information by pointing their Android or iOS mobile phone cameras at Preview codes placed strategically throughout an event space. The action drops users into a browser-based AR experience in which a social log-in gets them the desired content in exchange for their contact information. Preview is a way to capture “anonymous” booth traffic “the same way that cookies did for the Internet,” said Preview C.E.O. and co-founder Jared Beasley.

Behavior Tracking Improves

Bluetooth beacons opened the door to other proximity-based event technologies. For example, The Indoor Lab in Dana Point, California, a provider of indoor foot traffic solutions for events, has recently partnered with Sunnyvale, California’s Quanergy to bring 3-D light detection and ranging (LiDAR) to trade shows and events. In addition to its ability to monitor attendee behavior, LiDAR can detect and classify objects, such as an active shooter or someone leaving an unattended package, allowing security personnel to react quickly to threats.

Business Travel Goes High Tech

Event travel and housing technologies will, as a category, disrupt “old school and legacy solutions” next year, said Vesuvio’s Giberti. For example, TripActions and TravelPerk—both offering in-house travel management and expense tracking platforms—will give corporate travel managers more options. Resiada, software that manages room blocks, and Meetingmax, a room block management and reservation system, will bring additional revenue and control to event managers. Planners will also be able to embed Stay22, an accommodation search tool that includes hotels, Airbnb properties, apartments, and hostels in the area, on their event websites.

Portable Office Space Grows

ZenSpace Event Solutions of San Jose, California, builds on-demand portable and private meeting spaces. The company’s “Smart Pods” are Wi-Fi-enabled enclosures outfitted with video displays, smart locks, smart lights, and power and USB outlets, and can be placed anywhere in an event space. The ZenSpace app allows users to remotely find and reserve space, plus pay and set calendar reminders. Ted Simon, chief marketing officer at ZenSpace, described the solution as “the lovechild of three well-known brands: the on-demand, app-based schedulability of Uber, shared workplace experience of WeWork, and consistent customer experience of Starbucks.”

The Indoor Lab and Quanergy Introduce LiDAR for the Event and Trade Show Industry

Dec 4, 2018

LiDAR to be Integrated into The Indoor Lab's EventAnalyzer for IAEE's Expo! Expo! 2018

DANA POINT, Calif. - December 04, 2018 — The Indoor Lab, a leading provider of indoor foot traffic analytics solutions for events and trade shows, and Quanergy, a leading provider of LiDAR sensors and smart sensing solutions, announced today they are bringing the first 3D LiDAR sensing and perception solutions to trade shows and events, providing organizers the ability to monitor real-time traffic flows, movement and behavior in open environments. These innovative solutions can deliver object and activity alerts that lend important insights into live activities taking place within an event venue. The benefits include increased physical security and post-event learnings organizers can use to better design and optimize trade show flow in the future.

The Indoor Lab introduced its flagship EventAnalyzer solution suite - which helps understand event attendee interest, intent and engagement - earlier this year. The suite is focused on helping trade show and event organizers, exhibitors and attendees reap greater ROI from their efforts through insights and connections. The introduction of The Indoor Lab's 3D LiDAR integration with EventAnalyzer, extends the company's offerings and provides even greater benefit to everyone across the trade show ecosystem.

A LiDAR (light detection and ranging) senses and sizes the location of objects to monitor and detect real-time movement within an indoor space. Quanergy provides both the LiDAR sensor hardware and perception software. This combination allows machines to sense and perceive their surroundings, making them smart machines that can detect and classify objects and analyze this data with QORTEX™, Quanergy's perception software, to help make informed decisions in real-time. Used in conjunction with EventAnalyzer, pedestrian flow, object detection and rate of movement analysis are possible within open areas of convention centers, arenas and other event venues.

"We are excited about our work with Quanergy to introduce the unique benefits of LiDAR to the event industry for the first time," said Patrick Blattner, co-founder of The Indoor Lab. "Trade shows and events will significantly benefit from the ability to better understand pedestrian activities and movements in real-time. The information gained from Quanergy's integration with our proprietary EventAnalyzer solution will help event organizers understand areas of saturation and bottlenecks, in addition to providing a way to review abnormal activities and react quickly to potential security threats. This information will also inform organizers on new ways to improve and enhance show floor designs in the future."

The first implementation of The Indoor Lab and Quanergy LiDAR solution will take place at IAEE Expo! Expo! annual exhibition from December 11th through 13th, 2018, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. The technology will be presented live at registration and in The Indoor Lab booth, detecting and analyzing floor traffic with 3-centimeter precision in real time. The Indoor Lab will also be presenting a one-hour session on indoor tracking solutions called 3D LiDAR for Event Safety and Flow. Representatives from both The Indoor Lab and Quanergy will be available at booth #958 to provide demos and information to the nearly 300 exhibitors and 2,500 expected attendees throughout the event.

"The Indoor Lab is dedicated to helping the event industry evolve in important new ways," said Dr. Louay Eldada, CEO and co-founder of Quanergy. "Integrating Quanergy's LiDAR with The Indoor Lab's EventAnalyzer foot traffic solutions is an important step toward upgrading traditional methods for observing and analyzing pedestrian behavior during live exhibits. Together, we will help make trade shows and events safer, more effective and ultimately more beneficial for organizers, exhibitors and attendees alike."

About Quanergy Systems, Inc.

Quanergy Systems, Inc. was founded in 2012 and builds on decades of experience of its team in the areas of optics, photonics, optoelectronics, artificial intelligence software and control systems. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Quanergy offers smart sensing solutions. It is a leading provider of LiDAR sensors and perception software for real-time capture and processing of 3D spatial data and object detection, identification, classification and tracking. Its sensors are disruptive in price, performance, reliability, size, weight and power. Its solutions are applicable in numerous sectors including transportation, security, industrial automation, 3D mapping, mining, agriculture, drones, robotics, smart spaces and 3D-aware smart devices for improved safety, efficiency and quality of life. For more information, visit

About The Indoor Lab

The Indoor Lab is shaping the events of the future. The company delivers next generation event performance analytics through foot traffic analysis that drives significant ROI for everyone across the trade show and event ecosystem. Through a proven approach to real-time foot traffic analysis, organizers and exhibitors can increase revenues and sales opportunities and better plan for future events, while attendees can retain more knowledge after their event experience. For more information, please visit

The Indoor Lab launches all new way for trade show organisers and exhibitors to accurately measure foot traffic and attendee behaviour at events and trade shows

Oct 31, 2018

Company provides unique new, privacy compliant means for generating leads and extending the relationship between organisers, exhibitors and attendees.

Event Industry News Podcast: Patrick Blattner from The Indoor Lab

Oct 24, 2018

Joining the EIN podcast this week is Patrick Blattner from The Indoor Lab.

IAEE Chooses The Indoor Lab to Provide Indoor Foot Traffic Analytics at Expo! Expo! IAEE's Annual Meeting & Exhibition in New Orleans, LA

Sep 25, 2018

The Indoor Lab EventAnalyzer™ Suite of Analytics Accurately Captures and Measures Foot Traffic Trends and Attendee Activities to Drive Greater ROI Across the Event Ecosystem

Dana Point, CA - September 25, 2018 — The Indoor Lab, a leading provider of indoor foot traffic analytics solutions for events and trade shows, announced today that it has been chosen by IAEE to provide privacy-compliant behavioral analytics - measuring foot traffic of attendees - during the 2018 Expo! Expo!. The annual event will take place from December 11 through 13 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Using proprietary sensor technologies, the EventAnalyzer analytics suite provides accuracy and value throughout the event ecosystem. Organizers can now understand interest, intent and engagement across the entire event by segment. Exhibitors are empowered with passive lead generation, benchmarks, power hours and comparisons, enabling them to get the most out of their marketing dollars. Attendees receive a personalized summary of their show experience, including session attendance and exhibitor visits, to extend and share their experience beyond the show.

"IAEE always looks to increase the value that Expo! Expo! provides to exhibitors and attendees," said IAEE President and CEO, David DuBois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA. "We continually partner with technology innovators to provide the latest tools exhibitors and attendees can use to create new experiences. The approach The Indoor Lab takes to indoor tracking, privacy-compliant lead generation and 3D LiDAR brings a new level of sophistication to our analytics efforts and to the event industry overall. Our exhibitors and attendees will now have access to accurate information that will better quantify their event successes and help them plan for future trade show investments," added DuBois.

The Indoor Lab to Present on Indoor Tracking and Analytics at Expo! Expo!

In addition to providing its EventAnalyzer services at the Expo! Expo! event, The Indoor Lab co-founders Patrick Blattner and Patrick Mooney will be speaking to attendees on the key benefits indoor tracking can bring to the event and trade show industry. Prior to co-founding The Indoor Lab, Blattner and Mooney led indoor tracking and analytics innovations for major retail, monument and airport locations around the world. During the presentation, Blattner will provide examples of how these solutions have been successfully implemented, having tracked more than 100M people annually in real-time.

"We are very excited to arm IAEE, their exhibitors and event attendees with a much more robust and accurate suite of analytics across the entire Expo! Expo! show," said Blattner. "We have brought real-time indoor location service innovations to market across some of the most highly trafficked locations on earth. Now we look forward to bringing these proven, accurate solutions to the event industry. Our unique methodology will truly shape the events of the future. And, we are happy that Expo! Expo! will be our inaugural exhibition."

The Indoor Lab and Quanergy to Showcase 3D LiDAR for Indoor Tracking and Security

In addition to its proprietary trade show and event tracking solutions, The Indoor Lab is among the first to leverage LiDAR sensing and perception technology for indoor tracking and physical security. In partnership with Quanergy, the global leader in the development of LiDAR sensors and smart sensing solutions, The Indoor Lab will showcase how 3D LiDAR can benefit and better secure the tradeshow and event industry during Expo! Expo! The technology will be presented live throughout the show and in The Indoor Lab booth, tracking attendees in real-time. Representatives from both Quanergy and the Indoor Lab will be available to provide demos and information to the nearly 300 exhibitors throughout the event.

About The Indoor Lab

The Indoor Lab is shaping the events of the future. The company delivers next generation event performance analytics through foot traffic analysis that drives significant ROI for everyone across the trade show and event ecosystem. Through a proven approach to real-time foot traffic analysis, organizers and exhibitors can increase revenues and sales opportunities and better plan for future events, while attendees can retain more knowledge after their event experience. For more information, please visit

About IAEE

Trusted since 1928, IAEE provides quality and value to its members through leadership, service, education and strong relationships. IAEE is the largest association of the exhibitions and events industry in the world, with a membership of show organizers, exhibitors and exhibition suppliers. Organizers of more than 20,000 exhibitions and buyer-seller events around the world are members of IAEE, and the organization advocates and promotes the awareness of face-to-face exhibitions and events as the primary medium for business development and growth. IAEE provides relevant, timely, and innovative education to its members and the industry. IAEE recognizes its strategic partners: 4imprint, a2z, Inc., BearCom, Buttine Exhibition Insurance, CNTV (Convention News Television), Delta Airlines, Mexico Tourism Board, New Orleans Morial Convention Center, New Orleans & Company, Orange County Convention Center, Streampoint Solutions and Synchronicities (Visit Anaheim, Visit Baltimore and Visit San Antonio). Visit for more information.

The Indoor Lab Unveils the Next Generation of Indoor Tracking and Analytics to Accurately Measure Foot Traffic and Attendee Behavior at Events and Tradeshows

Aug 28, 2018

PR Newswire at L.A. Biz

EventAnalyzer Suite of Analytics Help Understand Event Attendee Interest, Intent and Engagement, so Organizers and Exhibitors Can Informedly Customize Events to Drive Greater ROI

DANA POINT, Calif., Aug. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Indoor Lab officially unveiled its company today and its flagship solution, EventAnalyzer focused on providing a new suite of services and solutions that drive ROI for everyone across the trade show and event ecosystem. The company has completed its angel round of financing and has two significant customer engagements underway with large trade show and event organizers.

Through its proprietary approach to privacy compliant passive analytics using sensor technology, The Indoor Lab re-defines the way foot traffic and attendee behavior provide critical insights that event organizers and exhibitors need to derive value from their strategies and investments. The company boasts the most accurate passive event tracking solution on the market, leveraging more than 16-years of combined experience with indoor positioning.

Prior to introducing The Indoor Lab, its founders developed and successfully implemented indoor passive tracking solutions for some of the largest retailers, monuments and airports across the United States and Europe. Their proven solutions have tracked more than 100M people annually in real-time.

"With many years of real-time indoor tracking experience under our belts, we are excited to bring that same level of sophistication to the events industry," said Patrick Blattner, co-founder of The Indoor Lab. "For years exhibitors have been collecting business cards or scanning badges for lead generation, which are often times lost or not pursued so they never turn into new business. With our patent pending Brokered Connection solution, exhibitors can now rely on a privacy compliant lead generation tool to improve overall reach and generate higher ROI at every event where organizers or registration companies integrate our solutions."

According to the Bizzaboo Event Marketing 2018: Benchmarks and Trends report, the majority (80%) of marketers believe live events are critical to their company's success, with 50% saying their primary reason for events are lead generation/sales and community building. Yet, without significant ROI stemming from events, attendees are reticent to invest in them.

Today, trade show and event organizers, exhibitors and attendees are held accountable to deliver more, in shorter periods of time. Organizers need more attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Exhibitors need to deliver more leads and sales opportunities, and attendees need to show they've benefited more from their learnings and meetings at the shows they attend.

The Indoor Lab significantly advances the benefits of trade shows and events for everyone across the event ecosystem:

  • Organizers can provide greater benefits and measurements for exhibitors and attendees, increasing resigns and overall sales.
  • Exhibitors receive a full suite of measurements, including passive leads, benchmarks and floor comparisons, helping them to increase demand and better customize future events.
  • Attendees receive a summary of their activities, including exhibitors and sessions attended, and can now provide greater input to team members and leadership regarding their learnings and show value.

"Event organizers and exhibitors are now armed with metrics across the entire show, enabling them to quantify success and improve attendance by providing information that wasn't available to them before," said Patrick Mooney, co-founder of The Indoor Lab. "At the same time, event attendees no longer have to remember where they went, hunt for session documents or write summaries after the show for justification of show value. We provide a personalized snapshot of each attendees' entire show experience. Our unique approach will truly shape the events of the future."

In addition to launching EventAnalyzer, its trade show and event tracking solutions, The Indoor Lab is among the first to leverage LiDAR for indoor tracking. The company will introduce how 3D LiDAR can benefit and better secure the tradeshow and event industry in December 2018.