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We provide the most comprehensive end-to-end analytics for indoor events

About The Indoor Lab

The Indoor Lab was created by two of the industry leaders for indoor location services and analytics. We provide the most comprehensive end-to-end analytics for indoor event locations using our proprietary platform and hardware.

Our founders have over 20 years of combined experience designing, developing and deploying real-time location services and analytics platforms for some of the most heavily trafficked Airports and largest Retailers in the US.

About the Founders

Over the past decade Patrick Blattner has been heavily involved with indoor location analytics for some of the largest retailers, airports, and monuments throughout the world. He spearheaded solutions that tracked over 100mm people in real-time annually. As co-founder of The Indoor Lab, he is building a company focused on delivering new indoor tracking solutions for the event and exhibition industry using Bluetooth and 3D LiDAR. The Indoor Lab's EventAnalyzer is the first event product to offer two-way lead generation through it's proprietary patent pending Brokered Connections™.

Before co-founding The Indoor Lab, Mr. Blattner held key positions with some of the most recognizable brands worldwide including Disney, AOL, Napster, and iinside. He holds 19 patents and has authored four bestselling Microsoft Excel books sold worldwide across 27 languages.

Patrick Mooney is a hands-on, forward-thinking innovator. Mentored by some of our Nation's greatest engineers responsible for our Lunar Landings, the first GPS Satellites and the Space Shuttle Program, Mr. Mooney has vast experiences working on prototype development and the conversion of those concepts into high performance/high availability enterprise solutions as an expert in Systems Architecture, Database Design and Software Development.

As an indoor positioning pioneer, Mr. Mooney was instrumental in the development of early stage Bluetooth sensors and beacons for the positioning and messaging of mobile devices dating back to 2004. Mr. Mooney is known for introducing and implementing next-generation positioning technologies into the retail, transportation and public safety industries, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Optical and Infrared Cameras and 3D LiDAR.

Mr. Mooney has managed an Intellectual Property portfolio of 57 pending and granted patents worldwide and holds 17 patents relating to the position, messaging and control of mobile devices in 2&3-dimensional environments, mapping, defining and configuring 2&3 dimensional zones, queue management and public safety/Enhanced 911

About the Team

The Indoor Lab has a world class team of designers, developers, quality assurance and industry professionals that continue to build upon our real-time location based analytics suite. If you are interested in joining our team we would like to hear from you at

Open Positions

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